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marked mated queen honeybee

*2024 Package bees & queens shipped via USPS This is to purchase 1 Single Queen Bee that is mated and marked with a white dot on her back.  DOES NOT CONTAIN any additional bees (aside from attendant bees)


* Ships weather permitting by default on next business day within 48hours of order placement (unless otherwise coordinated)   

*2024 Bee packages & queens bees are shipped via USPS in the event of shipping damage/loss retain your tracking information & shipping label you will need them to file your insurance claim by purchasing this order you acknowledge that per our policy it is your responsibility to file a claim immediately with the USPS for any loss. 

*Please note our bees are extremely hygienic & whilst it is a rare occurrence the queen cage attendants have been able to remove her marking as such we can only guarantee that she will be marked at the time we cage her and can not warranty the marking for any length of time beyond the time of marking.