To mark or not to mark the queen.. that bee the question?

Josh Calo

so often we're asked should I mark the queen? It may be counterintuitive but we're of the opinion it does the new beekeeper a disservice for a few reasons.. it stirs you into an unnecessary panic because the queen is marked you believe she can always be found.. when in reality even when marked she's hard to pick out of a crowd of 10's of thousands of daughters (& some sons) but more importantly because when you do find the marked queen & suppose alls well in the realm of reproductive wellness.. you may miss important indicators of imminent intervention soon to be required.. instead of trying to track down the queenbee at all.. use your inspections to find evidence of her presence.. eggs, larvae, & brood in relative proportions.. not only will that indirectly confirm her presence for at least 4 days prior.. but more importantly, that she's doing her job..

*as an aside it seems almost as if she knows when you're not looking.. & it is precisely at that time she will reveal herself to you..