Life Cycle of Bees

All casts of bees development can be advanced or retarded by the increase or decrease in the temperature. Thi s is for capped or emerging cells. Cell size may also influence the time that it takes for the bee to develop.


Egg Hatches:  3.5 days

Cell Capped:  10th day, +/- 1 day

Emerges:   24th day, +/- 1 day

Ready to mate @ DCA :  38th day, +/- 5 days


Egg Hatches:  3.5 days

Cell Capped:  9th day, +/- 1 day

Emerges:  21st day, +/- 1 day

Foraging:  42nd day, +/- 7 days


Egg Hatches:  3.5 days

Cell Capped:  8th day +/- 1 day

Emerges:  16th day +/- 1 day

Laying:  28th day +/- 5 days