Refund & Shipping policy

No refunds or returns, All sales are final. Return policy subject to change at our discretion. 

Shipping calculations are an estimate as such if your order is reviewed do to a miscalculation we will notify you of the variance if you choose to adjust/cancel your order do to a miscalculation no penalty will be levied. 

Should you elect a pick up option listing in the shipping/delivery/pick up options & miss your pick up you forfeit your order in its entirety unless; you request a shipping quote & provide shipping address, email & phone number within 24 hours of the pickup & we will ship your order at our convenience within your order calendar year your order is subject to all shipping protocol noted in our policies  

Please note that in order to provide the best quality shipping delays could occur due to inclement weather. Purchaser will be notified of revised ship date in the event of a shipping delay.

All bee orders are delivered to the USPS with a lively queen in good condition. We do not guarantee the USPS will deliver the bees in good condition. Wolf Creek Bees is liable for the bees only until they are accepted by the USPS.

All bee orders are F.O.B. & insured with the USPS for $100. USD. If you want additional insured value contact with requested amount for quote. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to file a claim immediately with the USPS for any loss.